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Ideas for Student Teacher Gifts

Thankful Beyond Words!

I don't know about you, but life is so much easier with a student teacher.  Yes, there are parts of me that have a hard time letting things go, but at the end of the day, I am so grateful for their help, insights, and partnership. 

To thank my student teacher last year, we gave her a few gifts.  The parents all gave her TPT gift cards, which I know was very helpful in getting her started this school year.  Then as a class, we made her a cute little tote with all of our thumb prints, a framed photo of our class, and a Micky jump drive with my TPT products.  

This school year, we had a male student teacher.  So the tote would not have worked for him.  So instead, we made him a tie with all of our thumb prints.  (He wore a different tie every day of the school year), so the gift was fitting for him.  We also gave him a photo frame of our class.  He wasn't as "into" TPT-made products, so we gave him a gift card to Disney, since he was taking his family there before starting a new job.  

Hope this helps if you need to come up with ideas for your student teacher!  


  1. What great ideas! I have a student teacher and am already thinking about the gifts that we will give her. What kind of paint you used for the thumbprints? That bag is a super cute idea!
    Kindergarten Planet

    1. Paint "did" you use............sorry for the typo.

  2. Hi Suzanne - thanks!! I just used the regular paint for all types of surfaces. Maybe acrylic??


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